May 18, 2015

Well, we hope you all had a good May Long Weekend. As you can see, we’ve slowed’er down a bit over here.

We’re starting to write some new songs. While we have no plans to hit the studio anytime soon, we’re hoping to start cranking the hit making machine up again, and at least start thinking about what comes next.

As we’re slowed down, check out the few shows we do have going on. We’re liable to play new material at these occasions, and we’ve been busting out new covers at each one as well. Looking forward to connecting with any and all of y’all soon.


July 18, 2014

Good Lord, it has been a while since we updated y’all (if there are really any of y’all reading this).

Anyhow, we been playing shows and trying to write songs and getting through life and all that jazz. Kevin’s got a new kid (Hi there, TJ!), Ben’s still super cool, Cal Austin Jr claims he’s still working on his solo record, and me and Dano are just trying to earn a goddamn dollar every day.

Check out the SHOWS page for SHOWS. We got some for ya. And once the weather turns to shit again, we’ll be locked indoors, so we should have some new tunes for ya in the new year. Until then, come see us. We been adding a bunch of our favourite tunes that we never wrote to our repertoire, and we’d love for y’all to come sing em with us. Until next time, party people.

February 10, 2014

Hey there! We just wanted to give a quick THANKS to our friends down at CKUW and UMFM for the support they gave us last year.

If you value community radio, then don’t hesitate to donate to either of these two fine stations. CKUW’s Fundrive is ongoing right now, through Friday. Without supporting these institutions, independent artists such as ourselves wouldn’t have a hope in hell of getting airplay and support for our endeavours. So dig deep and give what you can! Thanks, y’all.

UMFM – Top 101 of 2013 – #8 – C4TBG – Next Year Country

CKUW – Top 100 of 2013 – #89 – C4TBG – Next Year Country

January 13, 2014

Holy Dinah, it’s been a while, eh Friends?

The new year is upon us, and we’re pretty jazzed up about it. Next Year Country came out in the fall of 2013, and received some nice support from UMFM and CKUW here in Winnipeg, hitting #8 for the year at UMFM (whoa!). We’re looking forward to sharing it further afield in 2014, and hopefully coming to party in your town!

Check out the record on the media page, and pick up a copy! If you order through Bandcamp, we’ll ship the record by the end of the week, AND we’ll throw in a free copy of our S/T CD! Can’t beat that!

July 6, 2013

Well friends, I’m excited to say the masters are at the plants, and we’ll soon have LP and CD copies of NEXT YEAR COUNTRY available for sale over this here web-domain. We’re extremely happy with the results, the look, and the general vibe of the whole thing. Fuckin’ rights reserved.

We’ll be playing a series of release shows, starting with a gig out in our formative backyard of Clear Lake, MB. We probably won’t have the LPs yet for that one, but we’ll sure as shit have CDs for sale. Check our shows page for details on our Brandon & Winnipeg releases. We’ll also be posting the album here and on Bandcamp soon, along with a detailed description, and more shows. So keep posted. Party on!

May 7, 2013

Shoot, pals, it’s been a while since we updated. Lots going on here.

We have finished recording our new album, NEXT YEAR COUNTRY. We did it all in the basement of our buddy Ben Wytinck‘s studio, which was a great experience. We got 8 tunes in all, and we start mixing tomorrow with the infamous Lloyd Peterson. We’re also working with our buddy Ben Clarkson on the artwork for the CD & LP, which should be mind-blowing.

As for a release date, we’re looking at early Autumn. This summer just snuck up on us, and we’ll be busy playing shows in & around Winnipeg. As the release date approaches, we’ll be pumping it up big time. So keep posted. In the meantime, come on out to the West End on Friday & let’s party!

December 14th, 2012

Well, friends, after a busy summer and fall, we’re in hibernation mode. We’ve also experienced a few shake-ups: Nathan decided to move on, we’ve been playing with Kevin Bones again, and Sheldon broke his knee-cap in two. But we’re jamming regularly, and preparing to finally record the songs for Next Year Country in the New Year. Fingers crossed for a summer 2013 release.

At this time, we’ve got a few shows booked that we’ll announce after Christmas for spring 2013. Very excited to play some new songs, and get rocking again. See you soon.

July 4th, 2012

Happy Fourth everybody! We hope you’re all having a good summer so far. We have a couple shows lined up, but not many. We’ll be cranking it up again in September, and finally getting to record our new album, Next Year Country, as we’ve finally gotten our new line-up solid and battle-tested. Check our shows out in Saskatoon & Winnipeg in July, and Clear Lake & Winnipeg in August. See you in Brandon, Regina, Winnipeg and beyond in September & October. Party on!

March 11, 2012

Spring’s here in Winnipeg. Can’t wait to down some diesels by a lake. Until then, we’re booking more shows through to the summer, and looking to cut the rest of Next Year Country before Victoria Day. Some of these shows will feature Sheldon on his own, playing some more obscure Bad Guy tracks and some classics. We’re also trying some pals out on the bass guitar to really get these new tunes rocking. Hope you’re all partying hard.

January 16, 2012

Well, shoot. Here we are, living in the future again, and we’ve got some fun stuff coming up here.

A few more shows booked, including a couple solo spots from myself to fill up some downtime while we work on our new album and Benny takes a little va-cay to the other side of the world. These solo shows will give me a good opportunity to work on new tunes, play around with some that have fallen off our set lists of late, and work without the comfort of having a sick, loud band behind me to cover up my (many) little mistakes.

Recording should begin in February for Next Year Country, though we have already started in with some demoing. Looking forward to getting some of these older “new” tunes down, and keen to see what we can do with the batch we’re currently writing. Also looking to spice this here Interweb hub up a little in the coming months, so keep your eye balls pealed, friends. Hope you’re all doing well. Keep your stick on the ice, and tip yr bartenders.

Party on, pals.

- Sheldon & the Bad Boys

November 20, 2011

Howdy friends! How’s the winter treating you? Pretty good on our front, more or less. We’re down to a four piece here in Winnipeg, but that isn’t stopping us. We just had a full weekend of gigs around the province, including opening for Toronto’s One Hundred Dollars. We’re recording a live radio session for UMFM next week, where we’ll be debuting some new tunes. We’ll post the link & MP3s shortly thereafter. After that, we’ve got 2 shows in Winnipeg in December, one celebrating the return of Teemu Selanne to Winnipeg after years of Bettman imposed exile.

After that, we’ll be holing up more or less over the Frozen Months. We have a few shows booked over that time, but not many. We’ll be getting deep into the recording of our next album, Next Year Country, which we hope to have out for the fall of 2012. Look for shows across the Prairies and into Ontario starting in April, and a bunch of festival appearances this coming summer. Until then, keep coming back here every now and then, as we got a few tricks up our sleeves.

Until then, tip your bartenders, and keep your stick on the ice. Go Lumbercats!

- Bad Guys

August 11, 2011

Well folks, summer’s basically over, for us anyhow. We played a bunch of great shows in a bunch of sweet towns this summer, and we’re happy you all came out to see ‘em. We’ll be back in September for a few shows around Winnipeg, and starting in October, to coincide with the return of the NHL Regular Season and the Jets to Winnipeg, we’ll be doing a bunch of shows as a part of our SUMMIT SERIES TOUR. Game’s One & Two are already posted, with more to come in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes pealed, your head up and your stick on the ice. See you soon.

- The Bad Guysers

May 24, 2011

Hey there friends. Hope y’all had a great May Long Weekend free of drinking tickets. Summer’s about here, and we have a few shows around southern Manitoba for you fine folks. For folks outside of the Keystone province, keep your eyes pealed for September and October shows to be announced in the next few weeks. Also we should finally have some news here in the next few weeks as well about our upcoming video that our buddy Steve will be working on when he gets back from biking the West Coast of America!

We hope you are all having a great day, and we hope to see you all soon. Tip yr bartenders! God bless,

- Sheldon

April 10, 2011

Howdy folks! In Winnipeg, we are taking part in a benefit concert for food-security based organizations Agape Table on April 28th at the Ellice Cafe & Theatre. This is going to be a great show, with our pal Ben Wytinck on the bill as well. Great cause and some great bands. See you there!


Feb 17, 2011

Hey friends! Well, the winter is almost behind us. We’ve got a little break in shows, here, while we write some new tunes & prepare some fun & excitement. We start recording a couple new tunes on Saturday, and we’ve got some other tricks up our sleeve which we’ll share as they develop.

Until then, keep warm. You can read a (roughly formatted) version of a novel that I wrote years ago, about drinking booze, partying, and hard rain. It’s free! I’ll be fixing the formatting as I discover kinks to it, & find the time. If you find any yourself, drop me a line!

Ok. That’s all for now. Tip your bartenders well, friends!

- Sheldon

Dec 31, 2010

Well, 2010 has come & gone & here’s a little round-up of how the year went for Cheering for the Bad Guy.

We recorded and released a sweet album that got played on a bunch of stations almost nobody listens to. Thunder Bay loves us, and so does UMFM. Other people think the album was Ok. In the process, we drank approximately 3000 beers.

We played 31 shows in 3 provinces, and most of them went without us getting threatened with violence or arrest.

And finally we had a roster change that’s working well. Sort of like we’re the LA kings trading what’s his nuts to the Oilers for Gretzky McSorley and that other guy back in ’88. Wet Willy’s well on his way to an MVP in ’11, provided he doesn’t puke in the Blood Buggy.

Well friends, I for one am pumped up for 2011. I hope you are too. We’ve started recording an EP in the basement of Rosedale that should be available on vinyl around July or August. Keep your eyes peeled for more shows coming up soon!

- Sheldon Dean & Cheering for the Bad Guy

Oct 27, 2010

Hello Friends

Autumn is here in full, and it is about time to hit the road. In about a week here, Bennett, the Doctor and myself will be renting a vehicle and traveling some 5,000km in order to bring our gospel to the good people of southern British Columbia and Alberta. Check the shows page for more details.
In other news, thanks to the radio stations that keep playing “To The Last Drop”! You’ve made the disc #4 on the Roots/Folk/Blues EarShot charts for September! Let’s hope we’re still up there for October!

Upon our return from The Road, we’ll be playing a couple shows in Manitoba, then heading into some hibernation for a while. We’ll be recording an EP over the winter, and Bennett’s solo album, as well as starting work on our next full length.

We hope to see you all soon, friends. Tip your bartenders. God bless.

-Sheldon / Cheering for the Bad Guy

Sept 5, 2010

Well friends, summer is effectively behind us. We’ve got a few shows left before Fall takes over completely, including a stint opening for Doc Walker at the University of Manitoba Orientation.

“To The Last Drop” is now at campus stations across the country, so if you listen to your local campus radio, please request our album! Look for it in the charts soon

We’re now planning our fall tour, which will take us to the West Coast and back. A few dates are already up, with more to follow. We are very excited to finally take our tunes across the Great White North!

We’ll also have new merch available on tour! If you are not in a town where we’re playing, you can order it off our MERCH page. Take a look at the new t-shirt design, featuring northern Alberta’s favourite boogeyman!

Thanks friends! See you soon

July 21, 2010

Well friends, our album “To The Last Drop” was released to great fun & fanfare at the Royal Albert last Friday. Laughs were had, beers consumed, and sparks flown. Thanks to all who came out & made the night one to remember for all of us! Thanks to Ghost Town, MB, Kustom Kulture, and Open Door Press for making the night happen!

In other news, our website has had a tweek thanks to Marko & Frost Byte. You can now listen to and order “To The Last Drop” from the media page.

Check the shows page for upcoming festival appearances, as well as shows around Winnipeg and Brandon for Sept/Oct. Also, for folks out west along the #1 Highway, we’ll be posting tour dates soon!

Cheers, friends! We’ll see you soon!
- Sheldon Birnie / Cheering for the Bad Guy

June 15/2010

Hey folks! The mastering and mixing is done! Currently, the disc is on the way to the manufacturers here in beautiful Winnipeg, Manitoba, and they should be all good to go for the CD release July 16 at the Royal Albert Arms! We’re pumped. We have a lot of shows around Manitoba, and even into Ontario this summer, and we’re just starting to get together an itinerary for shows out West this October!

The CD will also be for sale online here in the coming weeks, as well as some new merchandise. Please check back soon! God Bless.
- Cheering for the Bad Guy

April 13, 2010

We have nearly finished recording the tunes for “To The Last Drop”! Starting in two weeks time, we’ll be mixing the 9 tune LP with Winnipeg’s own Lloyd Peterson! We are pumped to work with Lloyd, and very pumped for the album to be released later this July! Look forward to some more info regarding release shows in Winnipeg, Onanole, and Brandon, MB. See you out back!